KerouacFest 2013 Go! Go! Go!

March 9, 2013
3pm to 10pm
Orange Show Monument
2402 Munger St. | Houston 77023

Tickets available at The Orange Show site now!
$10 advance
$15 door

Kerouac Fest 2013 will entertain, educate and enlighten the public about Jack Kerouac's life and writings (in particular On the Road.) Whether you’re familiar with Kerouac’s writing or have a passing notion of what the Beat Generation is, you’ll find something to appreciate at Kerouac Fest.


  • Youth poetry performance
  • Biographical Timeline of Kerouac: infographics and highlights
  • Kerouac panel discussion
  • Live poetry showcase
  • Poetry buskers and twitter aggregate poem
  • Selected readings from On the Road
  • Live jazz performances

Complete schedule for the event is as follows:

3:00 pm -  Reception with DJ Black Slacks

3:40 pm - MetaFour performances

4:00 pm - Panel discussion

4:45 pm - Cory Wilson Trio 

5:00 pm - Reading 1

5:15pm - Cory Wilson Trio performs

6:00 pm -  Reading by Tracy Lyall

6:15 pm - Reading by Dean Liscum

6:30 pm - Poetry by BGK

6:45 pm - Reading by Gerald Cedillo

7:00 pm - Poetry by Chris Wise

7:15 pm - Reading by Stephen Gros

7:30 pm - Poetry by Salvador Macias

7:45 pm - Poetry by Marie Brown

8:00 pm - Poetry by Seth Walker

8:30 pm - DJ Black Slacks

9:00pm - Free Radicals  

  • The Front Row interview // 91.7fm KUHA houston
  • Free Press Houston article
  • 002 Magazine article
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    15% of sales during the reading will go to support the success of KerouacFest.

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    Please feel free to donate as you buy a ticket or through our PayPal.